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Hellfish Fitness Bootcamp was started in 2008 by certified personal trainer Tom Kavanaugh, who decided to take his own knowledge and fitness success and start a class to help others get in shape. When not teaching bootcamp, Tom helps people get in shape with a more individualized personal training program.


Tom works closely with every client – from offering nutritional advice, to giving plans for clients to perform on non-training days – to ensure that he or she meets the desired goals. You are responsible for what you achieve, but sometimes you need a little push to get there. 


Not having a gym membership should not prevent people from getting into the shape they desire, and if you have any space to work out then you have no excuse not to. If you prefer to work out in a fitness facility Tom can meet you on-site at The Boxing Gym in the Central West End. Because The Boxing Gym is a fitness studio there are no membership fees. You only pay for training.


Tom will also come to you because whether it’s in your living room, your basement, your apartment building’s gym, your office building’s fitness room or even at a local park, there’s always space to workout. This way there are no gym memberships or contracts, no smelly locker rooms and no grunting meatheads to interfere with your workout. And if you have your own equipment and an internet connection Tom can even train you virtually!


One-on-one, Partner, and Small Group training are all options. Rates per person are discounted for partner training, and further discounted for small groups. Rates are also discounted with the number of sessions purchased in a package.



           PERSONAL TRAINING      


You have your own goals and if you prefer to work out one-on-one Hellfish Fitness can meet with you regularly to meet those goals.           

If it's once a week or five times a week I will work with your schedule to meet when you can to get your results.                            


There is no one-size-fits-all approach to training. Everyone has different goals and everyone performs at different levels and I will tailor your routine to your specific goals. 




Do you have a friend? Does your friend have goals similar to yours?


Sometimes working out with a partner is more fun and when you do you save money on training. Couples and friends can benefit from training together as they can serve as motivation and inspiration for each other. I love training with partners, but be warned I am not certified in conflict resolution.

Some people have more than one friend. Working out with a small group of friends can be fun and a good way to get in shape while enjoying each other's company. If, however, you have multiple life partners that might be something I will want to stay away from.

            VIDEO TRAINING        


Many of my clients have to travel frequently and for extended periods and it can be a hassle trying to find a trainer to work with in each city. And many people who travel often find it difficult to hold themselves accountable when it comes to training. That's why it's convenient to have virtual sessions. It can be in a hotel room or the hotel gym, but sometimes it's helpful to have someone pushing you even when you're on the other side of the world or if there happens to be a pandemic.


You might also start to miss me a little and this helps with that too. 

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