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All Of Our Services

Whether it's 1-on-1 training, group fitness for your company, or working out with friends, Hellfish Fitness can help you reach your goals. All personal training can be done in-home, over Skype, or at Status Fitness Studio in the Central West End.



1-on-1 training is ideal for those who have more specific fitness goals or simply prefer to have a more personal training experience. 



Less expensive per person than 1-on-1 training, partner training is for those who want to work out with a friend or loved one who has similar goals to their own. This would not be ideal for two people with very different goals, e.g. one wants to build mass while the other is looking to lose fat. 



Also less expensive per person than both 1-on-1 training and partner training, group training for small groups (3-5) is for those who enjoy working out in a group with similar goals, but not necessarily in a large group setting. This can be a fun way to hold each other accountable and monitor your progress together


Hellfish Fitness offers both on-site personal training for those companies with their own fitness facilities and on-site classes for groups of employees looking to get into shape together. Contact us for details. 



Hellfish Fitness Bootcamp offers classes to larger groups year round. Classes meet at an agreed-upon location and on a schedule determined by the group and the instructor. Rates are determined by frequency and class size.



Those who travel frequently or have relocated can continue to train with Hellfish Fitness through scheduled virtual sessions. All that's needed is a device with an internet connection and some equipment. Now you can't use your business trip as an excuse

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