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There are many fitness boot camps in this world and they tend to fall into two categories: There’s the boot camp where the "drill sergeant" walks around shouting commands while everyone else does the exercises. Then there’s Hellfish Fitness Bootcamp, where everyone works out together and has fun while doing so... whether they like it or not! 

​Each outdoor class is a combination of strength training, plyometrics, core work and high- intensity cardio routines using bands, ropes, ladders and other tools, all designed at getting a full body workout. 

Workout outdoors

People of all skill levels are welcome, though everyone is expected to be in generally good physical condition because it is a tough, intense workout. Anyone with health concerns should consult his or her doctor before attending any classes as should anyone with severe allergies to hellfish.

Slam the rope!

What should you bring?

• Water!!​

• Mat or towel if you like 

• Resistance bands if you own them       (if not they will be supplied) 

• Weather-appropriate attire

core strength

For any bootcamp updates check the Hellfish Fitness Facebook Page

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